Electrical Vehicle Battery charger Manufacturers

Electrical Vehicle Battery charger Manufacturers – Chengdu Khons Technology Carbon monoxide., Ltd. Ltd. is a modern manufacturer concentrated on the research, development and manufacturing of new power electrical vehicle billing equipment.

As a well-known brand name from China, it’s the first manufacturer to introduce 1 and 3 stage flexible mobile EV battery charger.

Electrical Vehicle Battery charger Manufacturers

Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers

KHONS’ high-quality products are the most efficient of 302 technical parts that have gone through 71 planning, design, precision machining and manufacturing processes and 48 hours of aging tests. Each of the accessories was checked by 28 technicians.

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R&D We have 5 Ph.D. The technical staff are constantly updating our products, 4 of them are from Southwest Jiaotong University, which is very famous in the world high-speed rail project. Our products have passed many tests, such as cylinder pressure, water resistance test, etc.

Efficiency We can offer 2000 sets per month and follow the principle that “sample order can be delivered within one day, bulk order can be delivered within seven days”.

Service We have a professional service team that has been focused on the electric vehicle industry for five years. Our business has hit Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and other regions. We will provide you with more professional business development plans. We can provide production process videos and help track logistics information to make sure customers receive the products well.

Technical support We provide overseas technical support. All products purchased from our company are guaranteed in good condition for one year. Phone: 028-83128852

Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers In Hyderabad

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Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers

How much electricity should a new energy car charge at one time? Looking for home electric car charging equipment and really don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many home charging stations for electric vehicles today, and most people don’t really know what options to look for in order to find the best home charging solution.

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Before we begin, we need to clarify some terms. Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment or “EVSE” is actually a proper term for what many people call “EV Chargers” or “EV Charging Stations”. The reason “charging station” isn’t an appropriate term is because the actual charging equipment is built into the vehicle, and EVSE does provide a safe supply to the vehicle.

However, we’ve decided to use the term “charging station” or “charger” here because that’s what most people know as the equipment. Even the companies selling EVSE refer to them as “charging devices” or “charging stations” on their websites.

It’s also important to note that this post is for the North American market. Power supplies in Europe and many other parts of the world do not use a 120 volt source like normal household current like in North America. As such, there is no “first level delivery” in Europe. Also, in Europe the charging cable is often not attached to the Level 2 charging unit, so the device is very different from the one used in North America.

Let’s start by explaining the different levels of AC charging in the home, as well as the two different connectors used.

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Every electric car sold today has a standard 120-volt Tier 1 portable charger (above). These chargers can be plugged into a simple household outlet and require no special installation. Some manufacturers, such as Tesla, come with an optional 120/240 volt level 1/2 charger. These dual voltage chargers can be used with either a 120V or 240V outlet, such as one that plugs into an electric dryer.

However, most manufacturers only provide a basic Level 1 charger, a 120V charger, and offer a high-capacity Level 2 unit for sale as an option. To charge their electric vehicles faster, many owners choose to install a 240V power source and Level 2 charging station.

Level 1 chargers will provide 3 to 5 miles per hour for a typical electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers

Every electric car made today besides the Tesla uses the same connector for Level 1 and Level 2 charging. So there is one North American plug that everyone but Tesla uses, called SAE J1772, and another plug that everyone in Europe uses, called Type 2.

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We mention this not for confusion, but to ensure that any charging station in your local market will charge your electric vehicle; You don’t have to worry about buying the “wrong” one. Also, while Tesla vehicles use a dedicated outlet for Level 1/2 charging, they can also use any other Level 1 or Level 2 charging station, as Tesla provides an adapter with each vehicle. These adapters allow Tesla to use charging stations with a non-proprietary J1772 connector.

Level 1 chargers will provide 3 to 5 miles per hour for a typical electric vehicle. Level 2 superchargers increase speed from 12 to 60 mph. However, this number will be limited by how much electricity the car charger can accept. The car always monitors how much electricity it is consuming, so it won’t hurt the car if you buy a charging station that can provide more power than the car can handle. In fact, many people choose to purchase a charging station that can provide more power than their current electric vehicle can handle, so they’ll be prepared if their next electric vehicle can charge at a higher rate.

There are level 2 low power chargers that are small and portable. Most of these are limited to providing 16 amps to 20 amps. These units will charge a typical EV at about 12-18 miles per hour. We’ll do a side-by-side comparison of those portable units soon, but today we’ll focus on the best options for mid-power wall-mounted charging stations.

The machine always monitors how much electricity it consumes, so it won’t damage the machine.

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These units typically provide 30 to 40 amps and charge a typical EV at about 25 to 35 miles per hour. Level 2 wall-mounted charging stations today come in wired and plug-in options, which we’ll discuss later. But before you buy a Level 2 charger, there are a few things to consider.

Once you’re sure you can install the charging station and know where you want it, it’s time to decide which charging station you want to buy. There are many options today, and not all charging stations are created equal. Let’s take a look at the various features to consider when choosing the right station for you.

Power. Level 2 charging stations typically deliver between 16 amps and 80 amps. This can make a big difference in how quickly your electric vehicle charges. Maybe you don’t want to buy a weak charging station, only to have to buy a more powerful one later. Even if your current EV only draws 16 amps (3.3 kW), you may want to consider getting a more powerful unit, as your EV will likely draw at least 32 amps (7.7 kW) that For this reason, we recommend getting a charging station that can provide at least 32 amps, preferably 40 amps if you want to future proof your investment.

Electric Vehicle Charger Manufacturers

Cable length: some charging stations come standard with only 16 feet of cable. In our experience, this is not a good enough time for most people. We recommend making sure the cable is at least 20 feet long, with 24 to 25 feet being ideal.

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Security certification. Because electric car charging is a relatively new industry, there are many small start-ups making electric car chargers, and some of them have not spent the time or expense to have the device safety certified by an approved testing body, such as Dealer Laboratory (UL). These devices will provide a significant amount of power to your vehicle for many hours every day, and you want to be sure that it is safe. This doesn’t mean the charger isn’t safe unless it’s certified for safety, but it does make it questionable.

Wired or auxiliary? Hardwiring simply means unity

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