Ways To Reinvent Your Appearance

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With winter on its escape, it is time for a design revitalize. While I’m loving my new sweatpants and pajamas, I’m also imagining changing up my design for the coming periods – so today I’m showing you how to do simply that.

Ways To Reinvent Your Appearance

Ways To Reinvent Your Look

With all this free time, you can really figure out what you love, what makes you feel good, and change your style to reflect those things.

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Here are some of the things I’ve been doing to change up my style post-quarantine, because trust me, once we hit the streets again, it’s going to be like the red carpet.

First, you want to have an idea of ​​where you want your style to go. Second, you’ll want to sort through your pieces to make your wardrobe reflect the new vibe.

I suggest doing this on Pinterest because there are so many images and it’s really user friendly. (You can also use Instagram Collections for this, although my instructions below assume you’re using Pinterest.)

Start by Googling celebrities or influencers whose style you like and pin their looks to a board. The more images you pin, the better Pinterest gets at finding more ideas that suit your tastes. Remember, this is not just an ongoing process, your taste is evolving, so maybe in a year or even just a month, your board will look different and that’s totally okay.

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Choose the pieces that speak to you and suit your new style. Be ruthless about pieces that don’t make you happy and/or don’t work with your new vibe.

It may seem difficult to ditch a piece you wear all the time, but trust the process – the clothes you loved are the ones you’ll love to wear.

Products L-R, Top to Bottom: Tie-Dye Hoodie – PacSun, Neon Set – ASOS, Dark Wash Jeans – 1822 Denim, Mini Bag – Mango, Distressed Jeans – 1822 Denim, Cardigan – ASOS, Sneakers – Nordstrom, Heels – Zara, Scrunchies – Always 21

Ways To Reinvent Your Look

Anything goes here! As with step 1, this is all about getting your style closer to where you want it.

Ways To Change Your Look Without Damaging Your Hair.pdf

Need some ideas? Above is a roundup of some of the current pieces we’re investing in right now, from cozy matching sets in bright colors to buttery jeans (perfect to wear at home now and out later), to tie-dye hoodies (ideal for those TikToks), plus bouncy accessories!

If you’ve noticed a certain piece coming up a lot on your mood board, consider treating yourself! It helps get your style closer to where you want it.

I must be one of the least artistically gifted people in the world. I mean, it’s so bad that someone could probably sell something I made for millions and call it abstract art. But with all this free time and all the clothes I don’t need anymore, I’m having a great time making new things out of the old.

So that big pile of “goodbye” clothes? Go through and see if you can use some of the pieces for some fun DIYs.

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Remember, things don’t have to be perfect – especially for this step, it’s more about having fun and being creative with fashion…and if something turns out well, well, that’s a bonus.

A relatively simple DIY, however, is to tie dye your old sweatpants and hoodie. Not only is it trendy with all the TikTokers busting their bums in their tie colors, it’s also perfect for you to wear right now.

The reason this step helps you build a new wardrobe is because with the extra money from selling your clothes, you can invest in the new wardrobe you loved from steps 1 and 2. See the blog post I linked to for a complete guide to how to get this done. and make some money!

Ways To Reinvent Your Look

Specifically, try to list all the things you want to do when the quarantine is over and create outfits for each occasion. Challenge yourself by not allowing the same outfit twice, this way make sure you try things in different ways.

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Stuck? Find a piece similar to what you’re trying to style on Pinterest and when you click on the image, it will show you multiple images of the same item with different styles.

It also doesn’t hurt to try on every outfit combination in your wardrobe (and take pictures of your favorites); it’s not that you don’t have time.

I definitely have a very specific style, but something I’ve found to be not only fun, but useful, purposefully deviates from my style.

Choose an outfit that you really like and wear often, either a dress, a pair of pants or a top and bottom. Now go through your closet (and everyone else’s closet in your house) and pick out the pieces you think are cool. Challenge yourself to create five different looks by accessorizing your first outfit.

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Make your outfit egirl, make it preppy, make it rock, make it elegant, make it the style you hate the most in the world.

Not only will you find cool new ways to wear an outfit you might be wearing too often, but you’ll also realize how you can actually make any style your own.

I hope you have fun creating one or more of these ideas to change up your style at home. Do it together with someone in your family or call a friend and do it together from your home. Because hopefully you’ll be able to show off your new style soon, but until then, post it on your social media and tag @.

Ways To Reinvent Your Look

Did we miss any way you’ve reinvented your style? What is your favorite step? Which step do you want to try? Tell us! Something fun to try in senior year is to make a drastic change in your appearance. I’m not talking about a haircut or maybe a new outfit; I mean Extreme Makeover You Edition! So what change should you make? Here are some ideas!

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I’m also about to graduate, so over winter break my hair lost its virginity. In other words, I dyed my hair for the first time! It’s so funny to see everyone’s reaction when they realize I’m suddenly blonde! Dye your hair a new exciting color this semester; you will definitely shock your friends! Plus, it’s a great change to make right before you graduate high school, because when you enter the adult world, you’ll feel like a whole new person!

Coco Chanel said that “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” And it’s absolutely true! A dramatic hairstyle can make you feel like a new person; all the excess weight that was just holding you back is gone and now you can conquer the world! So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at the nearest salon and get ready to reinvent yourself!

Sure, someone with six piercings is writing this, but I think piercings are an adorable, adventurous way to rock your look! Piercings are only as noticeable as you want them to be, but instantly change your identity, both to others and to yourself! Piercings are a great conversation starter, so if you’re 18 or your parents approve, get a new piercing before you graduate!

Plus, if you’re 18, a tattoo is a fun way to change your look! Make sure you get something meaningful that you won’t regret; don’t tattoo your love’s name! If you’re going to make a really drastic change, make sure it’s visible too. You want something you can show off to your friends without taking off any clothes, but also something small and easy to hide if a future employer forbids tattoos. Check out this article for ideas for a first tattoo! lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com

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Who doesn’t love an excuse to shop? During senior year, your philosophy should be “out with the old, in with the new!” Donate your old underclass clothes and update your wardrobe! Try thrift shopping as much as possible to save money and get unique styles! With an updated wardrobe, you practically become a brand new woman!

Another way to renew your look is a little cheaper, but just as noticeable. We tend to fall into a pattern when it comes to beauty and makeup routines, so why not shake it up? Start wearing eyeliner, or stop wearing eyeliner! Change your lipstick color to something a little more vibrant, use more face makeup or get colored contacts. Lots of small changes add up to one big, transformative change that’s perfect for graduating seniors! When you put on your cap and gown, you will be a completely different person.

I don’t know about you, but I get my power and confidence from my high heels! Of course not really, but high heels make me walk with a little more grace and a lot better! If you

Ways To Reinvent Your Look

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